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We believe that by adding trust, transparency and joy to a team of dedicated and experienced developers, everything is possible.

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This is what we do best

.NET Development

Our .NET developers have been in the field since version 1. We are used to most commonly used tools and frameworks and have a vast network to get extended support from when learning new things.

Embedded development

Those of us who don't spend our time in the cloud, prefer to stay close to the hardware. We have long experience from developing in C, C++ and Golang, among other languages.

Agile Coaching

Often the biggest challenges in development may not be technical, but getting the people to work as a team towards the same goal. Anokha's coaches have a technical background and experience from all agile aspects of software development.

Product Development

One purpose with Anokha is to act a an incubator for our own, in-house product ideas, which might become their own companies as they grow.

Currently, we are building Capacity Optimizer, a service for optimizing power usage. This is useful when charging fleets of electrical vehicles and in other high-power areas.

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This is Anokha

Stefan Bindzau

Senior embedded developer

Johan Parmar

Senior .NET developer/architect

Eric Linde

Senior .NET developer/architect

Thomas Bindzau

Senior .NET developer / agile coach

About us

Anokha AB was founded in 2005 by a team of software developers who liked to work together and shared the same values; trying to make the world a bit better by creating great software for our customers in a relationship built on trust and reliability.

We take pride in delivering software that is easy to use, maintain and test. Software development is hard enough without overcomplicating things.

And, maybe most importantly, our customers say that we are easy and fun to work with!


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